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History & Heritage


“Wine speaks to all our senses: our eyes behold it’s color, shade, and tone; our bouquet, our nose, our lips, and fingers caress the cold crystal; our ears delight in the ingenious swishing of the magical liquid; our tongue exults in the reward of a magnificent harvest.” – Mary Lou Posch


Everyone should appreciate the value and place wine holds in human history. Wine is deservedly associated with any meal that denotes a romantic occasion. It’s also one of the most oft-cited aphrodisiacs in the world.


Ancient Greek


Wine was so ingrained in Ancient Greek culture that they used it to heighten their spiritual awareness or to achieve higher intellectual acuity. For one, Dionysus – the Greek mythological god of grape harvest, winemaking and wine – subscribed to the school of thought that coalesced wine with romance. According to Greek doctrines, not only celebrations but also mischief, eroticism, and inescapable charm marked his exuberant individuality. Well, it comes as no surprise at all – that the leading honcho of the world of wine would extol the effects of wine on those who consumed.


Romantic Inspiration


Why is wine outstandingly alluring? What makes wine so Holy Grail that some of the most prolific and most accomplished people worship it? Though myriad sensory facets to wine – texture, color, aroma, and flavor – obviate wine’s magical allure. Romantic appeal makes it a formidable force to reckon with across the world.

In today’s world, wine is synonymous with romance; it’s simply love. And for good reason. It’s the closest we can get to experience a holistic, serene, and inspired moment. Every sip of creamy, musky, and ornate wine is really a teensy bit of human history. In essence, could anything else be more affectionate?